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Archives for July 2017

Videos of the plenary sessions

The videos of the welcome, plenary and closing sessions are available at this links: Welcome Session Paola Festa Plenary Session Rafael Martí and Manuel Laguna Plenary Session José Andrés Moreno Pérez Plenary Session Discussion Panel in Industrial Application Closing Session

MIC/MAEB 2016 pictures on Instagram

Most of the pictures of the MIC MAEB are in instagram… check them… We would like to thank… The assistants…     The volunteers… The invited speakers…     Thanks all… in name of Ana Viana, Belén Mélian, Abraham Duarte, Angel Juan & Helena Ramalhinho

Welcome Session and Reception

Looking forward to start the MIC/MAEB 2017 conferences… Today we will meet at 4pm at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Ciutadella Campus for the Welcome Session and Reception at the 30.S01 Auditorium. The talks start Wednesday at 9am! Registration opens at 3pm… Let’s start the “show!!    

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