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Journal on Vehicle Routing Algorithms (JVRA)

Journal details: http://www.springer.com/41604/, ISSN: 2367-3591 (print version)
Submission site: https://www.editorialmanager.com/jvra/
Special Issue “Metaheuristic Algorithms for Vehicle Routing”

This special issue will be dedicated to significantly extended versions of the best papers (up to 12) presented at MIC 2017 (Metaheuristics International Conference). However, submission will also be open for papers which were not initially presented at MIC. The topics of interest include all those that were included in the CfP of MIC (see http://mic2017.upf.edu/topics/) but applied to vehicle routing, in a broad sense. Since JVRA is a new journal, we would be very pleased to receive the MIC participants’ support with high level submissions.

A vehicle routing problem (VRP) arises whenever a set of spatially disseminated locations must be visited by mobile objects to perform tasks. The mobile objects may be motorized vehicles, pedestrians, drones, mobile sensors, or manufacturing robots; the space covered may range from silicon chips or PCBs to aircraft wings, warehouses, cities, or countries; and the applications include traditional domains, such as freight and passenger transportation, services, logistics, and manufacturing, and also modern issues such as autonomous cars and the Internet of Things (IoT), and the profound environmental and societal implications of achieving efficiencies in resources, power, labor, and time. Articles published in this special issue will present heuristics, metaheuristics and matheuristic solution methods.

Tentative Schedule
December 31, 2017: strict submission deadline
Notification and reviewing: on an individual basis

Prof. Christian Prins
Prof. Marc Sevaux
Prof. Christian Blum
Prof. Helena Ramalhinho
Contact: marc.sevaux@univ-ubs.fr