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Archives for January 2017

Panel Discussion in Industrial Applications

One of the plenary sessions is a panel discussion on the application of Metaheuristics and other close related techniques in industry. We have an excellent panel including Nuria Oliver (Data-Pop Alliance), Ricardo Baeza-Yates (NTENT), Kristof Roomp (Microsoft) and Enrique Alfonseca (Google). Some invited researchers are still to confirm! Looking forward to have an interesting discussion

José Andrés Moreno Pérez

José Andrés Moreno Pérez impartirá la sesión plenaria del MAEB 2017. Es un placer para nosotros tenerlo de orador. Esta charla será en español. José Andrés Moreno Pérez is given a plenary session at MAEB 2017 (joint conference with MIC). It is a great pleasure to have him. VNS para Planificación Logística Resumen (talk in Spanish)