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UPF … the conference venue

Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) will be the conference venue. Watch the institutional video Welcome to UPF.

UPF is a  public university founded in 1990 and called to become one of the leading European universities based on its own identity founded on quality teaching, its proximity to the students, the maximum degree of internationalization and a categorical leaning towards research and innovation.

The UPF campus is urban and strategically located in the centre of the city of Barcelona, in an area that starts in the lower part of the Rambla and continues to the new innovation area of Barcelona, the 22@ district. Since its founding, UPF has always contributed to urban planning, architectural refurbishment and reactivation of some districts in the city of Barcelona.

The fact that the UPF is located right in the centre of the city of Barcelona was also one of the essential factors taken into account when determining the university model, and the gradual territorial growth of the university has helped to regenerate historic districts of the city that were previously in a serious state of decline, such as Ciutat Vella, and to promote newly created central areas such as the Olympic Village and the 22@ district. The university structures its studies in 3 main fields of knowledge, which are closely interconnected and structured on 3 campuses and 3 research parks, each of which is associated with its own area of knowledge: Health and Life Sciences (Campus Mar), Communication and Information Technologies (Campus Poblenou) and Social Sciences and Humanities (Campus Ciutadella).


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